• Inspiration

    Do The Hard Things!

    Harder things in life are not easy: Education and self-learning, staying fit, being financially stable, staying sane with everything that is going on. All these things require work. Sometimes we struggle on where we want to go next, we put in many hours and do not see much growth, whether its physical or mental or whatever, we need the discipline to push ourselves.  I saw this inspirational quote late last year and it really hit home for me <3 Hard things do not come easily. We live in an age of abundance, where we have access to everything. Its so easy to spend money on that next new gadget but…

  • Family Favorite Recipe - Dill Dillies

    Family Favorite Recipe – Dill Dillies

    This recipe is a family favorite to have at many gatherings. Started with Thanksgiving and now has moved to many other holidays! Dill Dillies are even great as a snack! I find myself putting 2 in the microwave for breakfast at times. Ingredients 1 cup self rising flour 1tblsp dill weed (the more the better – fresh or dried) 1/2 cup of sour cream 1 stick of butter Steps Melt butter and mix all together Place in small muffin tins Bake for 375 for 25 minutes Best served warm, but can microwave for a few seconds to warm up leftovers 🙂

  • Goals

    2021 Goal Achieved – 100 Miles Per Month

    Each year I try to have a goal in place to work on, and last year was no exception. For 2021 my original goal was to walk or run 1000 miles but after 2 months in I changed my 2021 goal to 100 miles per month of running/walking. This also had to be tracked exercise walking or running, not just an average of what was done each day. Some months were easy and others hard as real life at times gets in the way with illness, or trips, but it was done, and I am so happy! I also gifted myself a dollar for every mile I walked/ran as a…

  • Local Things

    Polar Plunge 2022 – Kicking the Year Off Right

    What better way to kick off the New Year than by doing a polar plunge! New Year’s Day is though to be the best day for this kind of thing, because as many participants have noted, after you’ve done that, no other challenge the New Year could bring could possibly phase you. It’s also due to how the new Year brings upon us Resolutions and Goals that we want to work on. This year was so much easier to do the 2022 polar plunge due to the warmer weather down here in Jacksonville, FL! I believe that it was 65°F when we jumped in, not sure on the water temp,…