Running and eating better (most of the time) is something that I like to do. I use running to exercise, and to de-stress from any of life’s challenges. When I get outside and on the road issues/fears/worry seem to melt away. And eating better, who doesn’t want to try to incorporate a better lifestyle choice? Though I will admit that chocolate is one of my vices, and I just cant give up everything can I?

I want to build this blog to:

House my running notes – this can be anything from my races that I want to run or one’s I have participated in, as well as my daily exercise runs, apparel that I love, other types of workouts, etc. Have you ran a race that you kicked butt in or some cool exercise/running gadget that you cannot be without? Let me know, maybe I want to try it too!

Keep track of healthy recipes – we all want to eat healthier right? In this space I want to keep recipes that I want to try, ones I love, and hopefully the majority are all on the healthier side. Have a recipe that you think I will love? Send it over and let me try it.

I also have been trying different weight management tools and resources, so as these are tested, I may write about them for any of you who are thinking about it.

Also listed may be…

Music/Books – other hobbies of mine may appear on this site from time to time. I love to read and am always looking for something new to listen to.

Showing off my garden – I am trying a garden this year, really stoked about it at the moment, I hope I can make it work.

My house – we are doing major renovations to it and you may see posts about this.

School – I am trying to get back into it once class at a time.

…and other things that may help me, and you with running, healthy eating habits, and tips that I have come across during my days researching.

So reach out to me if you want, or just enjoy reading about my day to day things. Have a great day!