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From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout – A Review

Book Synopsis:

In the world of the Maiden, Poppy’s life is far from her own. Bound by tradition and watched closely by others, she leads a sheltered existence, striving to be deemed worthy by the gods for her Ascension. While being chosen as the Maiden is considered an honor, Poppy feels imprisoned by these expectations. She yearns to make her own choices and explore life’s offerings, but the mysteries surrounding her impending Ascension leave her anxious.

As her Ascension approaches, dark forces conspire against it. Unrest plagues the kingdom, with Prince Casteel of Atlantia and his followers seeking to reclaim their lost land. To complicate matters, a menacing mist filled with unspeakable horrors encroaches upon the kingdom’s borders. To ensure her Ascension during these turbulent times, Poppy is assigned a new protector, Hawke, a man both charming and infuriating, due to his incessant teasing. Over time, Poppy finds herself drawn to him, though a future together seems impossible for the Maiden, unless she’s willing to face exile and the wrath of the gods.

My Review & Overall Thoughts:

In brief, if you’re in search of a captivating fantasy novel featuring a slow-burning, passionate romance, then thisis your next read!

“From Blood and Ash” left me with a significant can’t set it down. Each time I delved into its pages, I became thoroughly immersed in the narrative. Then, one day, before i reached the end of the book, I knew I had to order the next one! I didn’t want the story to conclude; I could have easily read another 600 pages.

The book’s storytelling plays a pivotal role in its appeal. It offers a unique and profoundly engrossing tale set in an otherworldly environment, featuring forbidden love, intrigue, and an abundance of unexpected twists and turns. The fictional world described is so vividly depicted that you can effortlessly imagine yourself there with eyes closed. Moreover, the extensive historical and lore details contribute to the world’s authenticity.

The heart of the story undeniably lies in its romantic subplot. The dynamic between Poppy and Hawke is simply perfect. Their witty banter and Hawke’s playful teasing of Poppy create a delightful connection. Their mutual attraction is evident from their very first encounter, yet their romance unfurls slowly, leaving readers eagerly anticipating their inevitable union. The ending of the book leaves you curious about what lies ahead for them in the sequel, and trust me, you’ll want to find out.

The book also boasts numerous unforeseen twists and surprises that add to the overall enjoyment. Just when you think you’re reading a typical scene, a sudden, unexpected event occurs. This keeps you on your toes and leaves you guessing until the very end, and even beyond.

Regarding the book’s pacing, it strikes a perfect balance. It’s never so slow that it feels tedious, nor so fast that it rushes through important moments. Well-placed breaks between action-packed scenes allow readers to catch their breath after intense sequences.

Jennifer L. Armentrout is a great author and I can’t wait to read more. Through a first-person narrative from Poppy’s perspective, she creates an immersive and engaging reading experience.

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