Do The Hard Things!

Harder things in life are not easy: Education and self-learning, staying fit, being financially stable, staying sane with everything that is going on. All these things require work. Sometimes we struggle on where we want to go next, we put in many hours and do not see much growth, whether its physical or mental or whatever, we need the discipline to push ourselves. 

I saw this inspirational quote late last year and it really hit home for me <3

Do the hard things!

Hard things do not come easily. We live in an age of abundance, where we have access to everything. Its so easy to spend money on that next new gadget but its hard to put money away. Our brains get hooked on thigs like Instagram or television, where reading a book stimulates the brain more. Commitments are challenging and many choose not to do them.  

Bringing this concept into the workplace.  

We can do the hard things at work as well. Things like doing the report/task instead of delegating and training a teammate as its easier. Maybe the hard thing is taking that time to do self-training for YOU! Having those hard conversations with team members so that excel better at their jobs. The list can go on and on. 

Interesting video – How I tricked my brain to like doing hard things  

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